"Field Science" Applied to Silver.
The SilverJoe Cell

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THE SILVERJOE Cell for upgraded, improved Silver Water 

replacing the old “Colloidal Silver”

A revolutionary “Field Science” Device and how it was invented.

Everything can be improved. That is the essence of Human endeavour. Colloidal Silver is made using the understanding that everything is particles. The theory that matter is just particles, from quarks to electrons to protons, to atoms to nano to colloids to rocks to planets to suns and then galaxies has and is being superseded. Tesla said everything was energy, frequency and vibration and publicly debated with Einstein about mass (matter) equations. While Tesla's inventions built the 20th Century, Einstein won with just a particle theory. And Westinghouse laughed all the way to the bank.

Many well published scientists reject the particle theory and offer the Electric Sun or Electric Universe theory which rejects the old theories that the sun is a particle mass energy equation. Emoto and his water crystals stand in stark contrast to the H2O theory with the Energy Field of the mind effecting water crystals. Even Walter Russell has a harmonious periodic table of Field energies.

The divinely inspired Joe, as a gifted intuitive inventor, can see the energy fields of matter and their interaction. One day about 10 years ago he was handed a 2 wire colloidal silver maker. He baulked at drinking or even tasting the liquid it made. He promptly took the two wires and cut them in half and rummaged through his workshop and found a power supply that was harmonious to silver and biological life and powered the 4 wires in a unique format to create a Electro-magnetic Field around the 4 silver rods. 

An Electro-magnetic field is created when DC energy is used in a 'coil' effect. Electro-magnetic fields are created in high voltage power lines and are generally known for their adverse biological effects. The creation of magnetic fields and the understanding of their effect on matter, energy and Life is called "Field Science".

This is the next advancement in health and healing. The application of Field science to the human condition. Joe's special format of 4 silver wires creates a electromagnetic field around the 4 silver rods (or any metal) and this interaction with clean (spring) water changes the energy fields of the water to take on the frequency of silver. Making an Elixir of Silver. Elixir being a indigestible liquid with Life enhancing qualities. SilverJoe cell elixir solutions also have the added benefit of the frequency of silver as well.

There is no limit to the quantity one can drink daily and one lady drank a full glass every day of her pregnancy. The wires do not degrade ever. The water turns a milky colour in about five minutes and tests just 10 ppm. More than 100 of these SilverJoe Silver solution generators have been used in the last 10 years by 1000's of people.

This 'Field Science' of water through the application of electro and magnetic devices has literally millions of uses. Joe has, by studying water and the energy fields he 'sees', made dozens of inventions and prototypes of which some are known like the 'JoeCell' and more. 

The production of water with silver and all the benefits with no side effects has been revolutionized by 'Field Science'. Superseding 2 wire degradation methods making pure, fresh, abundant, vitalized with bio-energy silver water that is NON toxic to mammals and finally available to the public.

More than 10 years in the testing.

The format of the Silver Joe Cell uses “Field Science” to make silver water by the interaction of electro/magnetic energy creating a ‘field’ around the 4 silver wires immersed in the water turning the water into a ‘milky silver water’. It does not ever degrade or strip the wires when Spring water is used with the proper harmonious voltage and amperage power source as supplied.


This is the latest in Silver solutions. With all the benefits of the old ‘Colloidal Silver’ solution makers but NONE of the side effects.


Able to be consumed in large quantities daily for maximum benefits. Recommended daily dose of 1 to 2 glasses per day. (based on the assumption your ape is around 100 kg give or take 50 kgs)


Short version of operating procedure.

This is a very special device. Joe has taken the Science of Water and Field Memory and applied it to the existing procedure of making 'colloidal' silver and vastly improving the quality and of product. This involves the type or quality of water used, the Harmonious relationship between silver, "DC" electricity and the bio electric nature of a mammal. This includes the procedure of 'vortexing' the Field during production.

The entire process takes approx 5 minutes to make a glass full (350 ml or 15 ounces) which is the recommended daily allowance.

This device is based on “FIELD SCIENCE” not on “particle science” (colloids).

The Silver Joe Cell differs in construct by having a format of silver (4 wires) instead of 2 wires.

In 2 wire ‘particle science’ colloidal silver production, the DC strips off particles of silver (colloids) and the DC frequency imparted to the ‘colloids’ gives them a “radioactive’ frequency imparting life destroying qualities or antibacterial/antibiotic/antimicrobial qualities. (it kills or anti’s some 600 odd pathogens)

Particle Science in the 21st Century has many toxic by-products like CO2 pollutants, radioactive contaminations and environmentally ozonic destructive hazards. This ‘particle mindset’ in “free health care” medicine teaches “physicians” to cut out that which it doesn’t understand. (cancer is a particle… cut it out) “Field Science” applied in healing is where the “bio-field” is given the field energy to allow it to heal thyself. The foundation of Homeopathy.

The Power supply is very critical as All DC is not created equal.

It would be immature to think that chemically generated DC (batteries) is the same as magnetically generated and rectified DC. While particle science says its all electrons, this simply isn’t the case. Each kind of DC has its own “field” property (potential, resistance if you wish in particle science terms). The Silver JoeCell makes use of the bio-harmonious frequencies of rectified AC to DC in its relationship to the number of volts and milliamps. So the Silver solution Elixir made with “electricity” and in the case of (colloidal) Silver Elixirs, the "electricity' should be of a voltage and amperage harmonious to the mammal ingesting it.

Conventional colloidal silver generator manufacturers use anything from a 9volt battery to a 48v AC to DC power supply. Joe has determined that there is a specific relationship to the frequency of energy, water and the quality of silver solution produced. One point in particular, the power supply cant be “switching” and there’s a critical method of powering up the positive and negative leads to four wires. If either of these two points are ignored you get something other than “beneficial” and it looks different too. This device allows one to experiment with Field Science.

This Silver Joe Cell gives you the understanding and the means to test and understand “Field Science” giving the user the correct mind thoughts and a healthy body as in “experimenter physician first heal thyself”. Tesla said. “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence”.

With the Silver Joe Cell, the experimenter can learn what differing water types and “fields” do. Water is not H2O. Everything can go into water (dissolve) and for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction (precipitation) giving rise to “everything is water” This device can allow you to understand water with your own bio meters: Eyes, Nose and Tongue. I have shown many people how to pick water for drinking. Some municipal water supplies where they reuse grey water, absolutely STINKS (like sewerage) when a Silver Joe Cell is applied in same. Some bottled waters smell and taste like a swimming pool. Your 2 wire colloidal silver generators cannot do this. To use anything other than distilled water in a two wire generator makes undesirable toxins due to the degrading science. In Field science the interaction of minerals in "Earth charged" spring water enhances the Bio Energetic action.

Two silver wire degrading 'colloidal' silver solutions have NO Bio-magnetic energy enhancement properties and the 'electrolysis' action imparts "chemical" reactions to any impurities making it less than desirable if one doesnt use distilled water.

It is the Frequency of Silver that is sought. Not particles of Silver. This IS the difference

We recommend natural “spring water”. Here in Australia trials indicate “Fiji Water” or “Peats Ridge” works best. We also recommend buying a litre of everything in the supermarket and run the tests and you will soon learn which water to use and drink.

Some further information on this silver elixir.

Within the theorised health and healing benefits of Silver Joe Cell water (not colloidal silver) there is a “memory” of “life force energy” imparted to the water (from the electro-magnetic generation of the DC as in ‘magnetic healing’). This water energy memory is harmonious to bio-life force energies. This life force energised water (may) help the mammals’ body heal itself. These bio-life force energies are made harmonious by the application of the correct Voltage and amperage coupled by the correct generation of the DC as well. Thus a glass full a day (or more) is very beneficial.

This is for experimental/educational purposes and one should consult the historical usage of ‘colloidal silver’ for more information. (excluding the amounts to be taken internally as we consider ours is SAFE for Apes up to 200 kilograms)

This is not “colloidal silver”
This is “Silver Joe Cell Water”.
A true Elixir.
All the benefits of ‘colloidal silver’ with added Life Force Energy Infusion.

This SilverJoe is available on eBay or contact Lynn by email   joecell@bigpond.com


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