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As a beginning, let's go back to the past.


In the age before written records, man, (and I mean the generic term, inclusive of woman), used the world around them for referance and guidance in relation to their survival. Things like which wood saps worked best with which fibres, how to work green timbers so they resisted cracking, which foods were required for different ailments or times of life, which plants were suporific or enhancing to life. All these things were passed down through the ages with wisdom and experience, via word of mouth and hands on demonstration.
Then, came writing.
Now, man could explain with words that had a universal, (in the context of the particular language), meaning, that which it was he/she had learnt, discovered or understood about nature and the wider universe and pass it on to others without ever meeting them.
The age of Philosophy was born.
Men began to collect vaste knowledge upon all kinds of things and placed the books in a single storehouse at Alexandria.
The common experience of an underlying mechanism behind the attraction or repulsion of certain materials for others was, for the first time in living memory, portrayed without doubt as a fact. There was a common experience regarding nature and the elements. Then it was investigated with purpose.
Alchemy was born.


From this tentative beginning, the passion to understand the essence of life brought speed to the endeavour. Then, it was recognised that the energy was bipolar.
Yin and Yang
Good and Evil
Positive and Negative
North and South
This knowledge of the two forms of frictional electric charge, the Vitreous and the Resinous fields led down a whole new path of endeavour.
The evidence was in the observation. One left a fractal pattern upon a suitable surface with a discharge signature that was entirely different to the other.
One was found to be "woody" in structure and sound, the other, "liquid" and flowing. One caused a metal to sulphate in solution, and with the other, the same metal oxidises.
It was then discovered that each energy, if stored, would discharge not only to it's opposite, but to "ground". The "ground" was a neutral point, midway between the two points of charge called "positive" and "negative" that each would "go to" or discharge toward, with signs of work.
This was "static energy" and it did not exhibit work along it's path, but rather had quite energetic displays at it's conclusion.
Then, as an explanation for the frictional energy, it was thought that at it's heart, magnetics was the source. Friction ripped apart the molecule, leaving parts in one place, and some in another. These parts came together once more, as parcels of magnetic energy potential, upon discharge. They had very small mass, and so, no power to push very much or do much work and so had to be used in great number. The problem was, such energy levels were difficult to obtain because, like lightning, above a certain pressure, everything becomes a conductor to ground.


With the discovery that magnetic force was the same energy to push the molecules apart in frictional charge as was sent to ground, the hunt began for more volume of these charges which did such work as electrolysis and electroplating.
It's name is Voltaic energy and it dictates the adhesion or repulsion of matter.
It is essentially magnetic in nature, and relies upon the state of Hydrogen to do work. Whereas the static energy is one of mere potential, and need not have structure behind it, but exhists as a pure force, the voltaic charge has weight behind it, but requires the static force to be able to do work. The two become one. One can have massive stores of energy, such as the huge copper and brass structure of America's Lady of Liberty, immersed in a region of high electric potential due to the salty bay, but with no source of potential, it can do no work so neither oxidises nor sulphates. Only upon excitation will the capacity of that megalyth be able to be utilised.
It is the same with the Voltaic capacity within an accumulator. There can be massive amounts of current available to do work, but it has to be pushed out by a potential difference in charge known as voltage.
However, this energy was still "static". It did no work on it's path to ground or towards cancelling with the other charge except the heating of elements, the building of a magnetic field or arcing through gaps. It was not "dynamic".
So, with the knowledge of two fields, original electrotherapy and industrial electricity utilised machinery which developed each field together with which to do work in a motional way. The first machines to do this were of a design so as to produce sinusiodal currents of equal and opposite polarity, sent out together to do work. These machines were designed and built by Nickola Tesla and he applied himself to the art of magnetic - electric generation until he discovered the manner in which the energy manisfested itself as seen by the originators of the search, so many centuries ago, and first observed in nature. The "Living Field".

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The existence of polarity and what it means

When the Vitreous and Resinous energy fields were discovered, it was quickly found that each one attracted or repelled certain small objects. The term "affinity" was used to describe this, and as studies progressed, it was found that by putting the charges into a coil of wire, the same observations were made. Then, by suspending the coil by a piece of silk so that it could freely rotate, and noting which of the charges aligned themselves with the poles of the earth, the polarity of the separate charges was ascertained.

The South pole of the Earth was seen to attract the Vitreous charge.
North, the Resinous.

Now, far from being a like for like phenomena, one must understand the Earth's poles.

If we hang a magnet by a fine piece of string, having marked the ends as South and North, which end points where? Take a compass and approach it with a magnet. What happens? Simple, the South pole of the magnet repels the South pointer of the compass. Yet, this is the pointer which denotes South to the terrestrial observer. So, in fact, what we are taught is the South pole of the planet, is actually the North magnetic pole.

A mariners compass is the reverse, and indicates the actual pole by having it's pointer's North pole labelled as South.

By extension, and observations by Michael Faraday, the early philosopher and mathematician, it was observed that the one field, when put to a pair of electrodes, decomposed water in one direction, whilst the other did the opposite. This was then used to define the poles, and the imagined path of the packets of energy termed Ions, into Cationic and Anionic currents. Cationic, for Cathodic direction, meaning toward the Anode, and Anionic currents, meaning toward the Cathode.

For a Voltaic pile or accumulator the exterior circuit used to do work and which was supposed to convey these two components of charge, in either direction along the conductors, also exhibited magnetism. 

Today, we see this magnetism around the conductor as a single direction of magnetic field, rotating about the wire. This is due to the manner in which the energy is delivered, and not to any natural laws. It is merely a contrivance.

The early electric machines delivered energy as a balanced flow of charges. Maxwell referred to it in his original works as "Positive" and "Negative" electricity.

Today, almost nothing is known, and much less remembered, about the "Twin Fields". However, without actively engaging with both sides of the magnetic fields intrinsic in all matter, how could work at the atomic level of the correct resonance and frequency be able to be done?

This is the real reason Tesla's work has for so long been unable to be followed. The underlying cause of electric charge, and the seat of energy, have been forgotten. That, and the mechanisms of magnetism such as field lines versus flux path and the twin Bloch walls intrinsic to all magnets, no matter the size.

Apply the knowledge of these things correctly to the generation of electric charge, and "Magic" happens. It was the seat of power for the Alchemists, and it is the Esoteric knowledge of the select few of our modern world.

It is my belief that this knowledge is not to be harboured by a selfish few who deign to hold themselves up on high moral ground "for the good of the people", but it is to be shared. Only by spreading the knowledge out everywhere can it's use become powerful enough to overcome our present, dark existence, and bring forth a bountiful future.

The energy of the universe abounds. Only by understanding It's motion can we hope to achieve abundance.


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