What is a "Joe Cell".

It began in early 1992 with Joe and some friends taking stainless steel and making a "cell" and applying DC electricity to said cell and hooking cell to a cars engine. The unexpected result was it ran now without the petrol or gasoline being required. Over the next couple of years, he built several different configurations of stainless steel "arrays" and some were placed into a containers that were either sealed or open vats. Some were hooked up to cars and the video evidence has found its way onto the internet. Some were made for electricity generation, others for welding and others produced phenomena not supposed to happen. Many dozens of people eye witnessed some of these quite phenomenal displays of water science experiments leading to the world knowing of such, mostly as making a car run on the energy of water.
Joe has built many devices based on this Field Science of Water. No two "Cells" have been the same. Even the "Cell" such as the "Tube Cell", the DC current can be applied many different ways and each different power hook up produces a different "field" effect charge or memory change. Most Joe Cell experimenters only know of one blueprint for Cell construction and this involves "tubes" and manuals exist even (not from Joe though) to proclaim this construction design is how to make a car run on water.
A Joe Cell has nothing to do with electrolysis.
The Joe Cell does NOT produce hydrogen and oxygen.
In Joe's own words..........

The Cells in their many configurations are designed to impart ‘memories’ or ‘frequencies’ to the water. Water can be ‘Taylor Made’ to meet specific requirements. The Joe cell is a “frequency generator” and puts the water back into order.

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