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The Field Science of Elemental Water

The Water Mystery of the JoeCell

By Lynn Eykamp

From the mists of time, the origin of life, creation and knowledge has been given to us in but glimpses for only those with eyes to see by the divinely inspired. The earliest beliefs for the origins of life given to Biblical man is Genesis 1 verse 6, where it says; “let…a firmament...separate the waters from the waters”. As from water comes all life as we know it. Firmament is likened to the Format of water. This Format of water is how we define all the water frequencies or ‘elements’.

Thales (the first philosopher) was born in the city of Miletus around the mid-620s BC. Miletus was an ancient Greek Ionian city on the western coast of Asia Minor (in what is today Aydin Province of Turkey), near the mouth of the Maeander River.  Thales was a pre-Socratic Greek philosopher from Miletus in Asia Minor, and one of the Seven Sages of Greece. Many, most notably Aristotle, regard him as the first philosopher in the Greek tradition. According to Bertrand Russell, "Western philosophy begins with Thales." Thales' most famous belief was his cosmological thesis, which held that the world started from water. "Water constituted (ὑπεστήσατο, 'stood under') the principle of all things." Or simply put, everything is water.

Democritus, who is the preferred ‘inventor’ of the ‘atom’ by historians, would have studied Thales as Democritus came some 200 years later. He said the Atom was the smallest part of matter. Was he referring to the energy construct of matter (water) rather than particles?

Thales went on to apply his method to objects that changed to become other objects, such as water into earth. Thales addressed the changing topic, approaching it through lodestone and amber, which, when electrified by rubbing together, also attracts. It is noteworthy that the first particle known to carry electric charge, the electron, is named for the Greek word for amber, ήλεκτρον (ēlektron). Thales knew magnetism and electricity was all that was required to understand everything is Water. Thales was also a Hylozoist (those who think matter is alive) this is an important point in understanding how the mind/health of the experimenter can affect the outcome, akin to applied thoughts such as prayer in Emoto’s water crystals.

The Metaphysics of Water today.

The word "metaphysics" derives from the Greek words μετά (metá) ("beyond", "upon" or "after") and φυσικά (physiká) ("physics"). It is this interpretation of the word which Aristotle also considered the word usage to be "the books that come after the [books on] physics". (Wiki ‘metaphysics’)

And from the man who literally invented the 20th century, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ― Nikola Tesla who also said “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena; it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” It is sad that these two great ideas have been buried by ‘particle science’.

There are other sources to consider in our metaphysical study of water. Walter Russel has writings which preclude particles in the atomic structure. Viktor Schauberger saw and wrote of the mysteries of water. The consciousness and intent of Dr. Masaru Emoto, whose work on thoughts and prayer affecting water crystal structures still draws skepticism today. The highly criticized ‘water has memory’ of Homeopathy which claims to stimulate the body’s own healing response to disease using highly diluted preparations (potentising) questions the very atomic structure of water. Homeopaths claim to treat the symptoms of a wide range of illnesses is another aspect of what constitutes metaphysical studies on water after the “scientists” have finished their presentations. A more comprehensive look at the Electric Universe theory is a metaphysical approach using Tesla’s “everything is energy (electricity) frequency and vibration” Which MUST have at its heart a FORMAT of energy to build upon. Tesla also believed in the Aether or energy matrix that is the fabric of space of the entire universe which all matter rests upon. Einstein rejected the Aether for curved space. For a comprehensive list of sources on the “Aether” see as Joe builds Cells and devices that incorporate this ‘sea of energy’ Tesla spoke about.

There are repeatable procedures and experiments to conduct which border on Tesla’s “non-physical phenomena” which must be considered along with the two electrode experiment to “split” water into “two components”. To this “after physics” studies I present the following information.

The Metaphysical Theory of Element Water.

To understand this concept more easily, the conceptual theory of the existence of Protons, Neutrons and Electrons as the fundamental building blocks of “matter” needs to be viewed for what it is, namely just a theory. That is, the periodic table of the theory of elements may be a total fabrication to use in any explanation of the observable experiments conducted in Joe’s workshop.

The “invention” of the electron has two claiming the award; George Stoney and JJ Thompson. Now we don’t deny the existence of charged particles of energy, we do object to them belonging to the shell of an “atom” and it being the only component in an electrical discharge from batteries to a Tesla coil to lightning.

Chadwicks discovery of the mysterious radiation in question was neutral due to the fact that it was not affected by proximity to a magnetic field and unlike standard gamma radiation, did not invoke the photoelectric effect (when photons, such as gamma rays, strike certain surfaces, they discharge electrons, which can be simply measured), but rather discharged protons, which meant that the particles had to be more massive than previously expected and this doesn’t prove they are part of an “atom”. It proves one can make energy particles of all sorts and give them fancy names. Ions, isotopes, electrons, neutrons or protons which was refined even further in the 1960’s in the science known as Quantum Chromodynamics, which espoused a quark-based theory of the nucleus.

The fundamental procedure of making a table of ‘elements’ according to their weight in their natural state at sea level, and then allocating protons, electrons and neutrons to give this “element” a weight and thus a number, may be flawed. This will be looked at more closely later but it must be said that in the pursuit of science there are elements that only exist or are postulated thus invented to be in their “natural” state for a few milliseconds in a laboratory, all in the name of a theory - the Atomic Theory.

What if there exists evidence that - the present concept of the atomic structure of matter needs to be re-evaluated?

What if “Man only tends to believe that which his imagination can devise an apparatus to detect”

What if an inventor devises many an apparatus to redefine the understandings of the atomic structure theory?

What if you could study his inventions for a day, a week or forever?

Modern Alchemy as Metaphysical studies of Water

Alchemy is the precursor of modern “chemistry’. A fundamental power shift in the middle ages resulted in a ‘priestly’ class of wise men and women in the healing arts and other “non-physical phenomena” (Tesla)  being ostracised by the religious ruling class of Rome denouncing  such Arts as bad. With this eradication of traditional healing and non physical arts, Church man had to begin again to understand his world around him under the control of flat earthers and sun revolves around the earthers.

Thus a new learned man, a ‘scientist’ or ‘chemist’ emerged from this fundamental power shift in the Middle Ages and attempted to do with ‘chemical compounds’ what was once considered mythological or magic. Thus was born Chemistry and Physics, the art of understanding the science of matter.

We contend that the modern scientist in their zeal to understand their world around them rejected the old beliefs and embarked upon a quest of discovery, by assuming that everything is made up of ‘particles’ instead of an ‘energy field’. Scientist man needed to feel, see, taste and touch and measure his world in sizes.

And so “particle science” was invented with man ‘discovering’ ever decreasing smaller particles and his attempt to understand their meanings and relationships eventually gave birth to ‘the theory of the atom’.

We contend that this ‘particle science’ is fundamentally flawed and offer a better science to understand Tesla’s “everything is energy, frequency and vibration” and Thales “everything is water”.


How we came to the conclusion that Water is Field Science.

The Science of Everything as an Energy Field with Frequency and Vibration.

We contend there are no atoms consisting of a nucleus of protons or electrons. Particles can come in all shapes, sizes and charges.  So what then are the building blocks of “matter” or what constitutes the construct of what we feel as objects or see as energy manifestations? If tiny bits of solid ‘matter’ don’t make up an atom, what is or why would an atom exist? The answer in a nut shell is that it doesn’t.

If everything is energy, frequency and vibration then such a parcel of “energy” however small or large, exhibits a “field effect” with its “field pattern” and its specific ‘charge’. Elements, compounds and chemical concoctions are but a product of one parcel of energy “field pattern’ reacting either in harmony or in friction with another parcel of energy or “field pattern”. A parcel of energy may be smaller than the theoretical Quark or larger than our Sun. A snow flake is a field pattern of magnetic energy as is a galaxy a field pattern of energy. We call any parcel of energy or format of energy a “Magnetic Resonant Field” pattern or MRF.

What separates one MRF pattern (element/compound) from another is the frequency and vibration of the energy field of that parcel of energy. This gives rise to the concept of everything has its own Magnetic Resonant Frequency Field Pattern. Particle science only exists because science hasn’t studied the nature of magnetic fields and their effects on energy fields we call matter. Magnetics are only studied for metered power, communications and weaponry.

One way to feel the difference between magnetic fields is to put a wall charger into the AC wall socket and turn it on. Then alternately hold a ferrite and neodymium magnet close to the charger and feel the differing magnetic field interactions. Science has NO explanation for this effect. I doubt if its been done in a scientific setting. This is non-physical phenomena.

Joe has many times taken 4 magnets and placed them on the table and without lifting them from the table moved them in a circular motion and they LOSE their magnetism whereupon he then swirls them around again they regain it. Again non-physical phenomena.

There are a host of new concepts and fields of endeavours to understand magnetism and its most readily made form of energy, electricity. Electricity is made with moving magnetic fields past a copper or similar collector. Electricity as we use it in the home is only magnetic energy transported from the magnets via copper wires to a remote place to do the work of magnets. For this to be true, permanent magnets are best described as “collectors” of Aether energies. Able to collect energy from the sea of energy that surrounds us. It aint electrons Jim, but its energy not as we know it.

No one has yet explained why there existed in the Bagdad Museum before Gulf War1 several “Baghdad Batteries” dating to over 2000 years old. This Ancient art of studying non physical phenomena is taught today as getting electricity out of a lemon. So there must be a link between magnetism, electricity and life force energy and non physical phenomena.

In the experiment where magnets are placed next to worm farms and the poles have effects on how close and how far they live from the magnet it follows that if magnets properly placed on organic life can show beneficial effects or alternatively, improperly placed on organic life, a killing effect, then it follows that electricity (created by magnets) can kill, then in their being an equal and opposite to everything, electricity can heal. The human bio energy field can be affected by magnets and electricity. We need to change our focus from an electric chair to an electromagnetic bio-energy healing field. Sort of like pumping energy back into the lemon or a human battery charger. There are those who claim Extra Sensory abilities after being struck by lightning.

Several inventions have been available to the public that utilize this Electricity can heal principle. The SilveJoe Cell and the Spherical array known as the Q Energy Spa or Aqua Chi. An experimental upgrade known as the ‘Hand Cell’ (see pictures on was specially designed by Joe for experimental purposes as the “miraculous” healing results of the others are well known in their 17 year history of usage.

What hasn’t been properly studied by physicists is the action of magnetic fields on “elements/compounds” or fluid (water) dynamics. Some researchers have placed magnets on water pipes to find the “calcium’ or similar deposits inside the water pipes magically disappear, or water flowing through such magnetic pipes have a visible benefit on organic plant life such as healthier, freer of disease or greater longevity.

In late 2010 L. Montagnier, J. Aissa, E. Del Giudice, C. Lavallee, A. Tedeschi, and G. Vitiello published a paper which could loosely be described as ‘DNA Teleportation’. Where an electromagnetic field can be induced by suitable procedures in water dilutions which become able to propagate the information contained in the DNA of the original organisms to other ones. This is one practical application of “Field Science” to bio-electrical energy. An email to on the 12th April, 2011 whereby I described a better “Field generator” designed for “cross germination of seeds” conducted back in 1999 went unanswered. Cant have dialogue and seek a Noble at the same time.

This is far more exciting than gene modification using BACTERIA as the gene splicing vector resulting is worthless gene stock plants after 5 generations (unless GMO’s were designed to be terminator genes)

This is Field Science; it’s a newer concept to the obsolete “particle science” which has ruled the institutions of learned men for 100’s of years. Creative Field Science of magnetic fields on ‘matter’ and “life” is INFINITLY better than the destructive forces (of bacteria). On the other end of the scale, Scientists used the world's biggest particle smashing machine, the £2.6 billion Large Hadron Collider on the Swiss-French border, to track down the missing (God) particle known as Higgs boson.

The boson is believed to give matter mass via an associated 'Higgs field' that permeates space. (Aether?) Without the property of mass, the universe we live in could not exist. Is this “God particle” an extension of Hylozoist philosophy, as in ‘matter is alive’? The capture of the most wanted sub-atomic particle in physics today was named as Science journal's ‘Breakthrough of the Year’ (2012) - or was it? "All matter comes from a primary substance, the luminiferous aether," stated Nikola Tesla. Thales said “life is in everything”.

Life is in Everything

The present understanding of “Field Science” is ignored at best and ridiculed at worst. To water seedlings with Microwaved water will see the gradual demise of the plant. To live under high voltage power transmission lines is not wise but scientific consensus denies any wrong doing. Their particle science denies any harmful field effect is imparted by their “approved” method of supplying particle energy to your door or food. It’s just electrons after all. But we all know of the rumours of the electromagnetic fields from monitors and power lines and how it affects living organisms and mobile phones and ear cancers. This is field science. Particle science would state electrons are escaping from the power lines and radiating you but we don’t have a health meter so its not a problem ok?

The science of energy fields interacting with energy fields is all around you. It’s even within you. With this concept of Field Science, there are newer ways to look at the biological function of the lungs, intestines and organs and how they extract “energy” out of the air and food and the resultant energy use by the body preforming its repair, wear and tear functions. With Field Science the first commercially available “Bio Electric Field Enhancement” unit was built in 1996 for the ‘benefit’ of that which ails the human condition. It was based on a Joe Cell for generating a bio-electric magnetic field memory in water.

This first commercialized device based on the Field Science of Element Water was the Q-Tech Laboratories Bio-Electrical Field Enhancement (BEFE) unit of which the first one was built on Lynn Eykamp’s farm in Australia in 1997 based upon designs from Joe in 1996. It was a different cell format but similar to a device by Joe Booker referred to as a Joe Cell. The Joe Cell inspired Lynn to start the company and as venture capitalist directed the company’s resources to find a design more suitable for commercialization in health and healing.

The BEFE unit under certain conditions of use turned the water into a clear ‘oil’.

And from; A METHOD FOR TRANSMUTATION OF ELEMENTS ( we have to question particle science, the existence of ‘elements’ and the accepted theory of atomic structure.

“Changing atomic elements or making elements appear mysteriously? It sounds like impossible alchemy, but experimenters recently did this, without Big Science particle accelerators. These scientists learned from a metaphysician, Walter Russell (1871-1963).

Recently, professional engineers Ron Kovac and Toby Grotz of Colorado, with help from Dr. Tim Binder, repeated Russell's 1927 work, which was verified at the time by Westinghouse Laboratories. Russell found a novel way to change the ratio of hydrogen to oxygen in water vapor inside a sealed quartz tube, or to change the vapor to completely different elements. Their conclusion agrees with Russell: the geometry of motion in space is important in atomic transmutation. Kovac shorthand’s that idea to geometry of space-bending.

These modern shape-shifters speak of Russell's feats such as prolate or oblate the oxygen nucleus into nitrogen or hydrogen or vice versa. To change nuclei, they change the shape of a magnetic field (emphasis mine).  Although they used expensive analysing equipment, it is basically tabletop science. No atom-smashing cyclotron needed; just a gentle nudge using the right frequencies. Focus and un-focus light-motion creates a vortex and controls it.… We might add ‘separate the waters from the waters’ with a firmament. (biblical elements).

Modern “science” (the observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of phenomena) has failed in its explanation of its “theories”. The mere mention of the word “transmutation” invites “science” ridicule. Perhaps Mother Nature didn’t know this when she transmuted carbon from a tree into a petrified rock. Transmutation is synonymous with Alchemy. Our atomic model must take into account all known phenomena even that which is written in stone.

It’s time to revise what the amateur, eccentric English millionaire, Henry Cavendish did. Henry added the clue, “element hydrogen”, and proved (hypothesised) that water was not an element after all, but a compound of hydrogen and oxygen. Walter Russel, Kovac and Grotz as do we, agree, Cavendish needs revision.


The Alchemy of Element Water.


A new concept of the atomic structure of matter.

Alchemy is the “science of life”. To understand alchemy is to understand all of life, energy and matter. Alchemy has been described by modern Alchemists such as Fulcanelli as the “field of force”. Alchemy can more aptly be referred to as “Field Science”.

The energy field that comprises any parcel of “matter” no matter how small or large is defined by its “Magnetic Resonant Field pattern” or MRF. The snowflake being the most visually identifiable representation of a small parcel of energy, going from its gaseous state to a solid state and “freezing” or mirroring its MRF pattern in the process.

The energy field of the experimenter, the environment and any observers within the field of the experiment affect dramatically the alchemy being experimented, as does the surrounding atmosphere, thus, the individuality of the snowflake.

We make the assertion that everything is Water - Element Water. Its structure can give rise to all the compounds by change(ing) the shape of a magnetic field. And the equal and opposite is true, everything can revert to liquid potable drinking water by change(ing) the shape of a magnetic field.


A Graphical Concept of an Energy Parcel of Matter.

To give a visual concept of a parcel of matter (the MRF of a small parcel of water the size of an imaginary theoretical atom) view in your mind’s eye a plasma ball, like the one you place your hand on at science fairs. Approximately 1.4 million “lightning strikes” emanating from a central point constitutes the MRF pattern of such a size of water parcel. When such a parcel of water vapor freezes it forms the MRF pattern as the “snowflake”. This is the basic 18 sided MRF crystalline structure of all there is.

What separates one water compound/element from another is its MRF pattern. Some MRF patterns are more stable than others and act like “elements”. There is a formula or mathematical basis along with concepts, which or whereby, energy patterns manifest and there are laws governing their interactions (this introduction is not the place to give the complete explanation, see Other Writings Of Element Water).

A simplified visual representation of the MRF pattern of Silver, Lead and Zinc, for example, which is usually found in the same ore body, has near identical MRF patterns with basically just the extremities of the ‘kaleidoscope’ MRF patterns being different. Thus in a more correct Periodic Table of Stablised Magnetic Field Patterns, Silver, Lead and Zinc are next to each other.


Changing the MRF Patterns Water To and From

These MRF patterns of elements/compounds when dissolved in water can be changed, modified or eliminated by applied magnetic fields. The Global MRF pattern of potable or drinking water can “yield” elements or compounds again by the application of specific magnetic fields or to say it another way; dirty/toxic water can be cleaned up or clean water can be made into crude compounds. In much the same way as spring water can come out of the top of a mountain as quite pure, while under the ground the earth’s magnetic fields combined with the layers of strata make ‘abiotic’ oil. As everything is water it follows that oil is made from water by an electro-magnetic field applied to it. Laboratory experiments have proven this.


The JoeCell Devices that Change the MRF Patterns of Energy Parcels of Water.

The Joe Cell is a very much miss-understood device, which is mostly known only for its ability to alter the functionality of an internal combustion engine. Those who have attempted to duplicate the device did not understand the energy format of Element Water and most mistake the Joe Cell for an electrolysis machine or hydrogen production cell. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Joe Cells, in their many forms, are magnetic field generators each with a specific design parameter to impart a permanent “memory field” in water.

The shape of the apparatus for magnetic field generation changes the frequency of the memory field imparted in the water. Be it rings as in the BEFE unit or concentric cylinders  or 316 stainless tubes of the Joe Cell or coils, spirals, stacked plates with or without ‘neutral plates’, how the electricity is connected, or the alignment of the plates to each other. Each item in any magnetic field generation device e.g. tube, cone, rod, cylinder, ring, housing, spacers, everything in fact, will have a ‘north’ and a ‘south’ pole or magnetic field and their placement against each other effects the ‘field’ generated. It is this misunderstanding of ‘field science’ that sees the experimenter of the Joe Cell becoming frustrated at “bubble watching”.

It is not the intention of this missive to expand on how to make a Joe Cell work, or build one.  The intention is to open the experimenter to the metaphysics of Water after the Hydrogen and Oxygen fuel cell hunters have gone home.

Joe has built a number of Cells that can be used as a water purification device. One such device is designed so a set of used cones from a milk separator are positioned inside an old fire extinguisher. It has insulated electrical leads connected to 3 of the 9 cones and liquids can be pumped through the apparatus while it is powered up. This device can have almost any liquid pumped through it from raw sewerage, sea water, acid mine waste to used engine oil and it exits the cell as pure fresh drinking water. The 20 liter sized cell can treat millions of gallons without degradation and NO byproducts. Just industrial waste in and fresh water out.

Another Joe Cell consisting of 4 concentric Stainless Steel cylinders inside one another hooked up to DC current, will turn fresh water into pure Saudi like crude and if left to dry out becomes coal. If that isn’t remarkable enough another muffler device with just magnets around the pipe will do the same, both purify the liquid or dirty (into oil) the liquid depending upon the orientation of the magnetics.

No theory that has protons in a nucleus with electrons combined together with some ‘bonds’ can explain desalination and oil production with just magnets. After literally 1000’s of these type of experiments and dozens of varying inventions, we don’t have time for discussion that Water is H2O. Hydrogen as science explains it, does not exist. What exists, and it’s the same for all the “elements” is Hydrogen is water vapor with an interesting MRF pattern given to it by DC Cathode. Oxygen is water vapor given an excess energy formatted MRF by DC anode.

Desalination and crude oil production (two processes that the earths magnetic fields do to underground water) in a JoeCell device where the salts literally disappear, (in one experiment fresh concrete was pumped through a cell to emerge as fresh drinking water the other end) cannot be explained by the present Atomic Theory.

So We State

As there is no Hydrogen as an ‘element’ with no protons, neutrons or electrons making an “atom” to combine with other non-existent oxygen ‘atoms’ to make water, then how do we understand what is happening in an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) using petroleum based fluids or in the lungs of a mammal or fluid purification in a JoeCell?

The standard particle science view... The petroleum combines with fresh air and the ignition spark ignites the petrol to burn in the presence of oxygen causing an exothermic reaction which expands the nitrogen and pushes the piston down. The hydrocarbon fuel combines with oxygen to release energy and carbon monoxide gas as the two major by products.

The Element Water view… 85% of the Atmosphere (nitrogen) is water vapor with a “neutral” charge. 14% of the Atmosphere (oxygen) has available energy to release. Approx. 1% (carbon dioxide) is discharged air which is being recharged by the earth’s magnetic field on a continual basis. The petroleum is a catalyst whereby it provides the frequency to the air, when fuel injected or vapourised for the release of the energy available in ‘oxygen’. Which is an exothermic reaction expanding the matrices (MRF patterns) of surrounding vapors. Once the frequency has been used the air exhausts as energy depleted water vapor (‘carbon monoxide’). The ICE is a frequency device based on energy transfer.

How a JoeCell runs a car.

When the Joe Cell is connected to a blind bolt for the transference of a water generated magnetic memory field which charges the metals of the ICE, so it takes on the frequency which was imparted to the memory of the water in the Joe Cell (“aluminium being very receptive to ‘charging’) the water vapor (air) being drawn into the ICE being magnetically charged by the metals of the ICE needs no petroleum catalyst to release the energy from the water vapor (‘oxygen’) being ‘sparked’ in the cylinder. The energy release is an endothermic reaction so the piston is “sucked up” and runs cold. Thus, the advancing of the timing by up to 70 degrees BTDC.

Charging or charged air (water vapor) in this ICE viewpoint is imparting a magnetic memory to the water vapor or the air entering the intake manifold by the action of the Joe Cell charging or imparting a magnetic memory to the entire metallurgy of the ICE.

The same goes for the Lungs. The energy is extracted/absorbed out of the water vapor we call atmosphere in the lungs by the blood which circulates close to the surface of the interior linings of the lung. The exhausted water vapor now has less energy and has the frequency of ‘carbon dioxide’. The blood now re-energised, has energy to distribute around the body (everything is energy, frequency and vibration). We breathe for energy (prana or chi). We eat for energy (prana or chi) and with the invention of the magnetic/electro energized plates in water we can now bathe for energy. With more energy, biological functions can operate at greater efficiency.

The action of magnets around a pipe to purify water can be likened to; Tesla made AC electricity out of magnets which when carried down wires does the work of magnets at distance. Joe has removed the need to use magnets for electricity generation and wires to just position magnets to do the required work In Situ.


More Examples of Nature’s Field Science.

We live in a sea of energy, the Aether. Its life force permeates everything. We understand it as a magnetic energy field. Our most immediate energy is the earth’s magnetic field charging the water vapor surrounding our water planet. It is augmented and sustained by the sun. Electricity is magnetic energy. For this reason the older ‘hydrogen into helium’ thermonuclear reaction of the sun, which was theorized after the hydrogen Bomb as this was the only known source of such temperatures, is slowly being replaced by the “Electric Universe’ theory. Until the old proponents of such an outdated Hydrogen Sun theory die, will the students of metaphysics learn they have better evidence to formulate the theories on the construct of the universe. It’s time to relegate them to their imaginary black holes, the dark matter of their minds and other elements of their imagination.

Masaru Emoto, a Japanese author and entrepreneur best known for his claims that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water. Emoto's hypothesis has evolved over the years of his research. Emoto believed that water takes on the resonance of the energy in which is directed at it (Wikipedia) just as you can stare at someone from behind and they will turn around and look at you; so too does a vessel of water react to the power of thought, prayer, spells, wishes and blessings (holy water). Emoto showed this by taking before and after pictures of the crystalline structure of water, much like a perfect snowflake pattern verses a blob like crystal when one concentrates with a specific intent like ‘love’ over a vessel of water. We need positive thoughts and the investigation of all the phenomena surrounding this Water science. We must understand the concept that water has memory and energy, to overcome a mindset of “treating” not curing sickness because it’s more profitable.

The Emoto water crystal thesis is the “life within” water reacting to projected energies from another life force. This life force energy aspect of magnetic field generators imparting memory to water like the Joe Cell is why some refer to the operation of the Joe Cell as being dependent or adversely affected by the health and thoughts of the experimenter or bystanders. It also explains why the BEFE unit has some remarkable healing testimonies. A Joe Cell constructed to purify water also creates life force energies which have remarkable effects on the health of bystanders.

Once it is understood that a “magnetic field memory” can be permanently or temporarily imparted to water, and that the resultant “charged” water has unique properties specific to the format of the magnetic field imparted as determined by the shape of the device, one can experiment with all sorts of sizes, shapes and metallurgy of magnetic field generation devices. Every field of human endeavor can be experimented on.

We are presently focused on waste and environmental issues and have Joe Cells for enhancement of plant life and the health of organic life.

For the actual energy construct of Water as an energy format see;

Other Writings of Element Water.

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