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Before contacting us, please read the following.

Joe is a private and a family man. This site is for informative purposes. Joe does not use the internet nor email. The email leads to Lynn who will pass on any email as is appropriate to Joe.

We will not be answering questions on 'how to make a car run on water'.
We will not give construction details or methodology.
We are not selling IP or seeking to do business.

If you wish to become an experimenter of the SilverJoe Cell send an email.


If you feel you want to join our team, we are always interested in benefactors. To the right person, everything is within reach.

We will not debate the existence of "particle Science" or whether water is H2O or not. We know differently and invite you to come and learn in our workshop. Please read the Science section and understand all answers will be given in our science terminology.


We will endeavor to answer questions on this Field Science and this website is the first contact point for your questions as to what the Field Science of Element Water can or could do for you.

Please respect that this is divinely inspired and subject to limitations.

This science is in the experimental stage and you are the first generation of Field Science scientists. It is your role to prove everything. We cannot take any responsibility for your actions and we declare that any information we give is for research purposes only and you bear full responsibility for your own actions.
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